Price List

Full Groom

Consists of bath, conditioning treatment, nails cut, ears cleaned & full trim

Toy/Teacup BreedsMiniature Yorkies, Pomeranian etcFrom £37
Small BreedsWesties, Scotties etcFrom £42
Medium BreedsCocker spaniels, BichonsFrom £45
Large/Giant BreedsGolden Retriever, Collies, Rottweilers etcFrom £45
Designer/MixedCockerpoo, Cavachon etcFrom £50

(Discount price if brought back within 8 weeks.)


Hand StrippingUnfortunately we no

longer offer this service

Nails Trimmed£10
Ear Wash & Cleanse£5
Eye Cleanse£3
Face trim£5
Teeth Clean, Oral Wash & Mouth Check£5
Top Knot & Bow£3
Flea Treatment (Extra on normal groom price)£10
Nails Filed & Painted£10
Nail Art£3
Full Health Check£5
Cover up (Tear stained eye whitener)£3
Bath and Groom (Small Breeds)From £18
Bath and Groom (Medium Breeds)From £25
Bath and Groom (Large Breeds)From £50
Groom Out£7 per 1/2 Hour
Bath and Tidy Up (Including Nails Trimmed & Ears Cleaned)from £28
Party Glitter Spray£5